Day 21 – Lost Christmas (2011)

Yesterday I was in bed ill so I didn’t watch a film, I am still going to catch up and watch 24 films over the days of Advents

Today’s film is has a complex plot so bare with me as I try to explain it.
It starts on Christmas Eve last year and Goose gets a dog as his Christmas present. However instead of taking him for a walk, his dad has to go into work and because Goose hides his keys his mum drives him and they get hit by a car. It’s then a year later and Goose is still living in the same house with his Nan, stealing and selling them on to his ‘uncle’ Frank. They both meet ‘Anthony’ who isn’t doesn’t think that’s his name, he doesn’t know who he is but is full of useless information. Anthony has a skill, if he touches you he can ‘see’ and then find what you lost. It starts when he touches a woman who has a lost a bangle and he discovers that Goose stole it, then he touches Frank who is looking for a 1st edition book that is worth £40000 because he thinks it will cause his ex-wife to respect him again. While looking to get the book back he find a lost letter for Dr Clarence who picked up the book when Frank left it in the pub. After that while trying to return the bangle so Anthony will find his dog for him, Goose runs into the mother of the child that his father was going to save before he died. Goose tells the woman that he believes that if he hadn’t hidden his father’s keys he wouldn’t have died and then he would have saved the little girl. Eventually he goes returns to the old woman’s house to return the bangle and he touches Anthony’s hand and we learn that Anthony is an older version of Goose who grew up in jail and once he was out he lived on the street as a street performer and stealing when needed, on Christmas Eve in the future he give his coat to a man called Anthony who is out on the streets for the first time.  This means that Anthony is the only one to stay alive that night as he is the only one who is warm enough to last through the night and Richard (the older Goose) is sent back to get a second chance. Goose wakes up on last year’s Christmas eve and gives his dad the car keys which means that both his parents live and Millie is rescued.

Although it’s a complex story line it is very well written and the different characters and their lost things are really well intermingled. Which makes what could be a film that’s difficult to watch, easy to follow. So well done to the writers and the producers.

The only problem I have with this is the acting of Goose and the mum of the little girl. All the others are really good (and I’ve met Eddie Izzard and Jason Flemyng) but because they are so good it means that these two weaker actors are more obviously weaker. Eddie Izzard obviously plays the part of street performer well, because that’s what he used to do but he plays the role of someone who doesn’t know who he is in a very believable way, you are able to understand that he is a lost character who has this ability to find others lost things and who doesn’t understand it. Jason Flemyng plays the role of a man whose best friend died which caused him to lose everything.

I feel like I’ve not given this a good enough review, and like I’ve let it down with only a few comments but the strength of this film is the story and the fact that they’ve got good actors is just a bonus. Even without the standard of acting that they got it would still be a good film and makes me cry almost every time I watch it.


Favourite Moment: When it all comes together in the end, as I’ve previously established I’m a soppy git when it comes to these thing.

Best Bit of Acting: Eddie Izzard at the end when you discover where he came from and what happened to him in his life.


See you tomorrow (I’ll do two tomorrow instead of today because I’ve got Strictly to watch and family stuff to do – main decorating the Christmas Tree)



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