Day 19 – The Holiday (2006) 12a

Another day closer to Christmas, I’ve wrapped all my presents and they are under the tree. The only thing left is to actually decorate the tree, which I’ll probably do tomorrow.

Today I watched the Holiday, it’s a chic-flick that doesn’t pretend to be anything other than a romance film. Amanda and Iris are both bored of their lives and decide to swap houses for the week in the lead up till Christmas. Iris moves to LA and finds a friend in old Hollywood writer Arthur Abbot and Miles while Amanda spends the week in Surrey and gets together with Iris’s brother – Graham. And that’s really all there is to say about it, things happen but only around the central concept of Amanda and Graham falling for each other as well as Iris getting over her ex-Jasper and falling for Miles while Miles discovers that his girlfriend is cheating on him.

That’s not to say this is a bad film, it’s not it’s just very obvious and doesn’t deny itself. There’s no depth to it, no hidden meanings. It’s just for girls to sit and watch with chocolate and ice cream and to enjoy watching with friends.

But it’s well written, the Amanda is the only character that doesn’t feel real or well rounded, although you can see that they tried to give it to her with the story about how she has never cried since her father walked out when she was 15. And I’m sure there is more to Miles than we ever find out, but I’m pretty sure I’m saying that because of the acting and not the story. This may simply be a romantic chic-flick but the actors are still putting effort into it and I think this is why it is watchable, if Kate Winslet, Jude Law, Jack Black and Cameron Diaz didn’t try I would despair at this film due to its simplicity. But they didn’t and therefore I find myself enjoying it as well as watching it every couple of months when I want to watch something but I don’t want to use any brain power at all.


Favourite Moment – Anything with Arthur in

Best bit of Acting – Kate Winslet when she’s realised that she’s over Jasper and is telling him so.


See you tomorrow for a film with a bit more plot.



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