Day 18 – It’s a Very Merry Muppet Movie (2002) U

It’s time to play the music, it’s time to light the lights, it’s time to meet the Muppets.

I love this film! It starts with Daniel deciding to go see The Boss, about Kermit needing help. The Muppets are told that the previous owner of their bank died leaving his wife in charge and she’s demanding that they give back the money they owe by midnight on Christmas Eve. Kermit works out that they can afford this after doing one show by cutting their salary, for around a year. Something that the other Muppets are not happy about but eventually agree on. However Mrs Bitterman changes the contract so they have till 6pm instead of 12. Fozzie runs to the bank to get it in on time however after being chased by Steve Irwin, the village from the film ‘How the Scrooge stole Christmas’ and bumping into a Santa from the Salvation Army, the bag of money is swapped for a bag of clothes and Mrs Bitterman wins the rights to the Muppet Theatre. Kermit decides the world would be better if he had never been born and The Boss sends Daniel down to earth to deal with it. In the world without Kermit, Mrs Bitterman has taken over the area and all the Muppets are in serious trouble. After singing a song Kermit decides he wants to go back home and although he is going to lose the theatre he’s happy because he still has his friends. Then Pepe comes in and says that he used his money, that he earned for working for Mrs Bitterman, to make the Muppet Theatre a historical landmark and so she walks out in disgust letting them keep the theatre and it turns out that the Salvation Army ended up with all the money.


This is an awesome film, it’s a parody of the film ‘It’s a wonderful life’ (Day 3) and that’s something that can’t be denied, in fact when watching ‘It’s a wonderful Life’ I kept comparing the two because I knew this one first. But in the contrast to the original which is depressing until the very end, this one is happy although everything is starting to go wrong. This is a Muppet’s film and made for children, so it needs to be happier although watching it back today I was aware of the darker moments.
Fozzie is chased by a hunter, wanting to sedate him and lock him up. That’s not a good thing. If he’s caught he’s not coming back, I love Fozzie bear and his stupid jokes that are somehow still funny. Wacka-wacka
And then he gets chased by stupid people rhyiming, because he accidently got painted green and looks like the Grinch. Again these people are going to kill him!
And finally to get into Mrs Bitterman’s office he has to run through lasers and then he doesn’t have the money after all. And he needs a hug and he doesn’t get one because Kermit shouts at him.

The world in which Kermit doesn’t exist seems like too big of a change, once Daniel takes Kermit to the right world and not into Star Wars. However then you remember what the Muppets mean to the world and what Kermit has done it doesn’t seem that unreasonable.  Without the Muppets together and because of what happened in previous Muppet films the world would be a sadder place and people like Mrs Bitterman would have more rule over the world. With Fozzie as a pickpocket on the streets, Rizzo is the fear in the TV show ‘face your fear’ and one of the challenges is to eat him, Scooter is dancing in a cage in ‘Club Dot’ which was the Muppet’s theatre, Miss Piggy is a phone physic cat woman crying herself to sleep every night, Gonzo is homeless on the street singing and somehow Beaker is buff and a bodyguard.
That’s not good, the Muppets should be happy people reminding you why you should love life and seeing them in that state is a powerful message. And well put together with a nice song at the end as well. “Everyone matters.”

The opening scene is a good one as well, it sets up The Boss to be an amazingly powerful and scary person and then Daniel lands in a field with a giant dragonfly and it’s Whoopi Goldberg deciding that she’s made the insect too big and that she knows the loopholes in the universe which means that you can have a Coffee Shrub. Not a bush, a Shrub!

I tried to find something to criticise I really did, but I love this film too much that I don’t want to find something wrong with it.


Favourite moment: All of it

Best bit of acting: Kermit when he sees all his friends in the world in which he was never born.


See you tomorrow



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