Day 16 – Deck the Halls (2006) U

Another day, another film and now we’ve got a Christmas tree it feels like the run up to Christmas has finally started.

Today’s film is all about Christmas decorations and family. It’s about two neighbours, Steve who has lived in the town for years and his new neighbour Buddy. Steve used to be known as the Christmas guy around the town but when Buddy decides to make his house visible from space he starts to take over that role and a feud between them occurs, even though their wives and children become good friends. The battle between them gets to a point where both wives move out of the family home with the children to try and save Christmas. Buddy and Steve get their act together and start to become friends in their attempt to get their families back.

I started watching this film expecting it to be rubbish and to not enjoy it, but I was pleasantly surprised. It’s not the best film in the world, the acting is goodish (with the exception of Danny DeVito, whose character is stupid but his acting is brilliant) and I could have mapped out the plot of the film after watching the first ten minutes. But it made me smile and that’s what these films are about, not coming away discussing the special effects or talking for ages about plot twists and character. It’s about having naff all to do, sitting in front of the TV for 90 minutes and enjoying yourself and that’s what I did so in that sense it’s a success.


The plot and the characters weren’t bad they were just obvious. The only character growth are the dumb blondes reading a book (I’m not kidding they were that stereotypical that a dumb blonde reading a book was something to cheer about) and the two men getting over the argument on Christmas Eve. But the minute that we learnt that Steve was the ‘Christmas Guy’ around town it became clear what the problem was going to be. Buddy (DeVito) is a car sales man who can sell anything but is never happy with his life even though he has a beautiful wife and two gorgeous daughters.

And of course at the end, after you think that he has failed and everyone has sung a carol by candlelight, it turns out that his house is bright enough to be seen from space. And even better the people working at the space station flinch away from the light when it appears on the screen. Really? And America is completely black from space? So I’m just going to ignore the fact that nothing man made can be seen from space and there is apparently no light pollution either and a single house covered in lights can be seen

But besides all of these things I found myself enjoying this film more than I thought I would, with all its naffness and sillyness it’s an enjoyable Christmas watch. If it’s on this Christmas then I’m not going to say you have to watch it, because it’s not that kind of film but I think that if you do stay and watch it you’ll find something to enjoy


Favourite bit: The way the wives react to their husbands stupidity.

Best bit of acting: Danny DeVito, all the way through.


See you tomorrow,



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