Day 15 – Nativity 2: Danger in the Manger (2012) U

As sequels go this is a good one, the plot makes a bit more sense and everyone knows what they are doing. Plus David Tennant is in it.

It’s set at the same school before and Mr Maddens has left to go to America with Jennifer leaving the class with only Mr Poppy until they can get a teacher to stay. After a few different tries, Mr Peterson (David Tennant) gets the job. He’s just moved into the area to get away from his overbearing father and his twin brother who is an award winning conductor, with his pregnant wife. At the school Mr Poppy has found out about the ‘Song for Christmas’ competition and is told that he is not allowed to take the class without a teacher. So on Mr Peterson’s second day they kidnap and bundle him into the car and start the drive to the competition in ‘sunny’ Wales. Mr Shakespeare has also found out about this competition and enters his class as well, on a toilet stop at a fork in the road, he moves the sign so it points in the other direction. This leads Mr Poppy to drive his duckboat into rural Wales and get lost. The car then runs out of petrol and they are forced to walk while coming up with a new song the whole time. They find a donkey, go down a river in boats and start lowering children down a cliff with rope before the emergency services find them and take them off to the castle where they are told that they are too late to qualify for the competition. Mr Peterson decides to run in and go on stage anyway as they deserve it after the day they’ve had. Unfortunately after some mix up between him, Donald, and his twin brother, Rodrick, his brother’s choir get the baby and lock them in a snowglobe. However in an effort to win Rodrick uses some of Shakespeare’s song and therefore St Bernadette’s go on stage in the snowglobe instead of St Cuthburts and they end up doing an encore as well as the new song went down so well. Mr Peterson gets into an argument with his brother and father saying that Mr Poppy is more of a brother than Donald is and walks out, proud that he has finally stood up to them. At the same time his wife starts going into labour so they sit her on the donkey and follow Mr Poppy (dressed up as a star) to a barn where Sarah gives birth to twins. Rodrick walks back in and they agree that they are going to try better in the future and their father admits he’s proud of Donald after all.


The first thing I feel I should talk about it David Tennant playing both twins, the is only one scene at the end where the two are in shot together, each brother standing exactly a quarter of the way onto the screen and therefore it was an easy thing to put the two on top of each other. Otherwise, they just use shots of the back of one twin looking past them to the one who is speaking at the time. It does feel basic but without casting real twins into those parts, it was always going to be dealt with like that and they do a good job of letting the audience know which twin is which when they are both at the competition, even though the other characters on stage don’t know. And David Tennant does a brilliant job of keeping to two characters different in the way he acts them, Donald’s Scottish accent is stronger than Rodrick’s and while Rodrick feels slimey Donald feels warm and like a good teacher.

When I say the plot makes more sense in this one it doesn’t mean that it’s any less mad it just means that walking through Wales with no clue where they were going when the coach ran out of petrol makes more sense than randomly hopping on a plane to LA and taking two pupils with you.  It’s just as mad when you watch it and great fun, but it does feel like they tried to make it a bit more believable than the first.

Mr Poppy is still a terrible teaching assistant and still shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a classroom and the kids are still brilliant, the range of ages in one class really annoys me but I am a big enough person I can move on from it


Ok seriously though? This is a class that say it’s there “last Christmas together” which means they are 10/11 and there are a couple of six year olds in there with them and a few others in between the two extreme. REALLY?? I would be fine with it if they said this was the singing club, but they explictly show that it’s the same class. It makes no sense!

Slight rant over this is still a good film, it has catchy songs and reminds you not to forget about the “baby who was born in hay”.
Nativity 2: Danger in the Manger is a happy film with a strong message in not letting others get you down, working towards your dreams and not forgetting about the true meaning of Christmas.

Favourite Part: the songs at the end

Best bit of acting: David Tennant

Next year there is ‘Nativity 3: Dude, where’s my donkey’ coming out and even though I’ll be 21, I’m planning on going because if it’s anything like these two I’ll enjoy myself.

See you tomorrow



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